Virginia Wolf - story by Kyo Maclear; illustration by Isabelle Arsenault

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GOT bloopers [x]

Cersei Lannister ± smiling

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favorite harry potter moments → “Dumbledore’s got style.”

My favourite thing about the fandom is how convinced a lot of people are all James Potter did was ask out Lily
  • James Potter's head in Lily's fireplace over the holiday: Lily go out with me
  • James Potter in a trashcan in the girl's bathroom: Lily go out with me
  • Lily's alphabet soup during lunch in the Great Hall: Lily go out with me -JP
  • James Potter as a deer at a muggle petting zoo Lily's visiting: Lily go out with me
  • Lily looks up in the sky and sees the Wicked Witch of the West: SURRENDER DOROTHY (ALSO LILY GO OUT WITH JAMES)

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